Chatom, Alabama




Unlike some photographers, I offer my senior portrait sessions throughout the year. Parents often ask when the best time is to have them done, and my answer is always: whenever it's most convenient for you and your child. For some, this means the summer after their junior year and for others it means a few months before graduation.

I do recommend that you give yourself about two months before graduation so that you can send out announcements with the pictures we take. Senior portrait pictures are also ideal for graduation invitations. If you need the pictures for your school's yearbook, you'd of course want to take that into consideration, as well.

For my senior girl's portrait sessions, I often work with you to select the best outfits, accessories, props and locations to create a cohesive look. I shoot on location and have a nice array of pre-scouted locations to choose from. I'm also open to shooting at new places, so definitely share your suggestions.

In the end, this portrait session is all about documenting this major milestone: graduating from high school and opening a new chapter in your book of life. It's also about showcasing your personality and sense of style. We can do that through where we shoot, what you're wearing, the props incorporated and all the different poses and expressions I capture. These are all things we'll discuss and finalize leading up to your session.

My goal is to use poses, angles and lighting that makes you look your absolute best. After all, these pictures are probably going to hang on the wall -- and be forever immortalized via school yearbooks -- for a long time to come.

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