Chatom, Alabama


Why Should I Book With Nia Phillips Photography?

I know exactly what you're thinking: "Nia, there are hundreds of photographers in this city

alone! What sets you apart from all the rest?"

That is an excellent question, and it's one you should ask yourself before any major investment. While I'm not going to go on and on about my amazing personality (I'm pretty awesome, though) and impeccable photography skills (my portfolio speaks for itself!)

I will tell you that we'd have an absolute blast together at our session.

You see, choosing the right photographer is not only about having an incredible product at the end of the day (in this case, photographs), it's about having a positive overall experience.

I am a photographer because it's my number one passion in life. I also believe that having your photographs taken doesn't just begin with the click of a shutter button and end with prints. The overarching experience is just as important. If you're having fun, I'm having fun. And everyone who sees those pictures? It'll be super obvious we had an incredible time together. Those are the kinds of pictures you want to hang on the wall. And those are the kinds of experiences that have earned me long time, loyal customers.

So whaddayasay? Let's have fun!

Wedding Questions

How do payments work?

I require a 50% non-refundable security retainer to hold your wedding date. I require the remaining 50% no less than one month before your wedding date.

Do you accept payment plans?

Sure thing! I do require a deposit up front to book and you must be paid in full a month before the wedding. Outside of that, I'd be happy to arrange a payment plan with you. In the past, I've set up monthly payments, or three to four payment installations that occur over time. I am more than willing to work out a unique payment plan with you!

Can I just hire you for an engagement session and not a wedding?

Yes, you can! You know I'd love to photograph both, but I'm always up for an engagement session. Refer to my pricing packages for more information on e-session cost and coverage.

Do you photograph destination weddings?

Absolutely! I'd love to come to you. Reach out to talk details on destination weddings!

Do you provide partial day coverage?

At this time, Nia Phillips Photography doesn't offer partial wedding day coverage. Check out my wedding package prices to see which package is the best suit for your wedding.

How long does it take to get my pictures?

I work diligently to edit your photographs and get them to you in a timely fashion. My typical delivery rate runs between four weeks during the slower season and up to two months out during my busiest season. I want to make sure every image and product is perfect!

How do I book with you?

All you have to do is contact me to request your date. Once you have a date, I request a non-refundable security retainer. This locks you in for that date and ensures nobody else can book on the same day!

I have more questions for you. What's the best way to reach you?

You can give me a ring, shoot me an email or even drop me a note on Facebook and I'll get back to you within 24 hours. No question is silly and I'm here to help out and make sure you're 100% filled in.

Do you provide a wedding album?

Yep! A couple of my wedding packages come with a complimentary wedding album. You can always add an additional album to your package, though.

Can I hire an additional photographer to shoot our wedding?

The contract you sign states that Nia Phillips Photography is the only photographer allowed to shoot on your wedding day. This helps promote my creativeness and ensures you get the best photos. I do offer additional shooters depending on the photo package you choose. As long as guests do not infringe upon our space, they can take pictures with their cameras/phones.

Do you provide customized packages?

Not all weddings are the same -- I get it! For that reason, I may provide a customized wedding package to suit your needs. These customized packages are for weddings that are far outside the norm (for example, a very short, intimate wedding between only parents and the bride/groom). Talk to us and we'll make it work!

Newborn, Maternity & Birth Questions

How do I make sure you're there for my birthing session?

You can't exactly schedule the moment you're going to go into labor, now can you? For that reason, when you purchase a birthing session, I'll be on call for the two weeks before and after your due date. When the time comes, have someone call me up and I'll meet you at the hospital (or wherever you're giving birth).

Do I have control over what images you take and share?

Of course. I will not take any photographs that you do not feel comfortable with. That goes for maternity, newborn and birthing sessions. Also, if you aren't comfortable with me sharing images on social media or my blog, I certainly would not do so.

Why is it so important to do newborn photos within the first week or two?

All newborns have a certain "look" to them. Usually within a week or two, that newborn-like quality starts to disappear. The point of newborn photos is to capture that newborn look, so I always recommend photographing as early as possible.

Will you come to my home?

Absolutely. I understand that this is a hectic time for you, so I want to make your session as easy and streamlined as possible. I do prefer to photograph in a room that's extremely well lit with natural light, so just make sure that's available. And, of course, you can always come to my studio.

What should I wear to my maternity session?

Ultimately, what you wear depends on what you're comfortable in. That said, I recommend clothing showcases your baby bump. Empire dresses belted under the bust and stretchy fabrics are two of my favorites. I'd avoid anything extremely loose.

When should I have my maternity photos taken?

I think some of the best maternity photos are taken between the seven and seven month mark. This is when you're really showing, but isn't so close to your due date that you're really uncomfortable.

When should I schedule maternity photos?

As a general rule of thumb, I like to schedule your maternity session shortly after you've told friends and family the exciting news! This will give us plenty of time to find a great day that works well for both of us. Don't worry if you waited closer to your due date though! I will certainly still do a session for you!

What about props for sessions?

During our initial consultation, we can discuss the props I have available and what you'd be interested in using during our shoot. For example, I have several backdrops, blankets, baskets and other items. I am also 100% open to you bringing your own props. In fact, I love it when parents have their own props! After all, using the child's blanket instead of one that I have may prove more meaningful to you.

Where do we take the photographs?

Where I take photographs depends on the type of session I'm shooting. For maternity and gender reveal sessions, I like to do on-location, outdoor photographs that let us maximize our access to natural light. This can be in a beautiful pasture, quaint park, in the woods or even in urban settings. For newborn and milestone photographs, it's best to choose a quiet and serene location. That typically means your home or mine, the hospital or in a quiet backyard or lightly traversed park. Birthing sessions are done in the hospital, your home, or wherever you choose to give birth.

Can my partner or child be in the photographs, too?

Of course! I love incorporating mom, dad and your other children into our session photos. While in most cases you, dad and baby will be the stars of the day, I believe it's so important to have several photographs with the entire family -- especially during my birthing, maternity and newborn sessions.

When do I schedule my milestone session dates?

You can schedule your milestone session dates as far in advance as you like. I like to get it all out of the way and schedule them all. Don't worry -- I know you'll be busy, so I'll send you both an email and snail mail reminder so you don't forget your 3, 6, 9 and 12 month sessions!

What kind of photos do you take at birthing sessions?

I typically do documentary-style photographs. In other words, very little -- if any -- posing. Just raw emotions and moments as they happen! As for types of photographs I take during birthing session, everyone's preferences vary. In our consultation, we can discuss what kinds of photographs you feel comfortable with and go from there. Some people want me there to document the pushing and the crying. Others prefer if I come after mom has given birth. It's all up to you and I'm happy to photograph it all.

Family Session Questions

How do I secure a portrait session with you?
It's super easy! All you have to do is contact me with the date you're interested in and I'll get you all set up. I do require a 50% deposit to secure the date.
How would you describe your style?
I like to take a natural approach to my portraits. While I do pose my clients, I do so in a way that doesn't feel forced or non-genuine. As for my editing techniques, I love bright and well-lit photographs full of color.
How many people are allowed in a portrait session?
That depends on the portrait package you choose. I offer family portrait sessions, which allow both parents, all children and up to two pets. Because those require more coordination and work, they're a little more expensive than, say, a business portrait with one person.
What happens if it rains or someone gets sick?
Stuff happens, but that's OK. If you prefer an outdoor session, you can always reschedule for another day. As for people getting sick, etc., we can definitely reschedule.
Will you travel outside of Chatom or Mobile, AL?
Depending on my scheduling, I have no problem traveling. If it's a drivable distance, I charge a per-mile fee.
How do you take payments?
To book and lock in your session date, I require a 50% retainer. You can do this as far in advance as you like. The remaining 50% must be paid two weeks before your session day. You can pay that 50% in one lump sum or send it in smaller increments over time -- whatever is easiest for you. I accept credit cards and money orders.
What happens if my child freaks out?
This is a completely normal fear and I get it. Kids are unpredictable and sometimes a temper tantrum is inevitable. When this happens, I will simply take a little break, allow you to calm your child down by talking/feeding/playing and then take the appropriate steps to easing back into the session. I will never force photos or send you on your way. That's a promise!
Can I share the photos on social media?
Of course. I love it when people share my photographs. I just ask that you don't crop out my logo and that you link to my website, page or blog when possible.
Do you do mini sessions?
 Nia Phillips Photography hosts several mini sessions throughout the year and I'd love to have you sign up for one! I typically do holiday mini sessions, which make for great holiday greeting cards. Stay up to date by checking out my blog on the regular or by "following" me on Facebook and Instagram.
Do You Give Discounts for Referrals?
I do! If you send a client our way and they book a session, I'll provide you with either a $10 printing credit or 10% off your next session package, including mini sessions.
What should I wear to my session?
Ultimately, what you wear depends on what you're most comfortable in. If you are unsure about what's most flattering or what will go best with your location setting, don't hesitate to reach out and connect. I have lots of ideas!
Do I have control over what images you share?
Of course. No matter what session I'm photographing, I will always make sure that you have a say in whether or not I post to social media or my blog.
Will you come to my home?
Definitely! While most of my sessions take place on-location, I can always take photographs at your house. This option is particularly popular with newborn photos, pet portraits and sometimes family sessions. Do note that I prefer to photograph in a room that's extremely well lit with natural light.
How far in advance should I schedule my session?
This, of course, depends on the session type. For example, I think some of the best maternity photos are taken between the seven and eight month mark. Newborn photos should be taken within the first two weeks of your child's birth and engagement session photos should be taken with enough time to get your photos back so that save-the-dates and/or invitations are sent out in a timely matter. Other than that, when you book is up to you!
Do you photograph destination weddings, sessions and other events outside your immediate area?
Yup, I do! Contact me and we'll discuss the details.
How long does it take for me to get my proofs?
The waiting game is never any fun. For that reason, I work quickly to get your proofs to you. For larger events where lots of pictures are taken -- including weddings or corporate events -- this can take up to two months. For smaller sessions, I typically have proofs to you within two to four weeks.

What kinds of products do you offer?
I offer a whole slew of prints and products, not limited to gift and wall prints, gallery wraps, fabric and leather bound albums, invitations, cards and more. Contact me for more information.
How many outfit and location changes can I have?
I hardly limit your outfit or location changes. All I ask is that you keep in mind that the time it takes for you to change or for us to move to another location does count toward your session time. If you have a larger family or are planning for more changes, it's probably best to choose a session with a higher time allotment. If you're unsure about which package is best for you, feel free to ask!
I have a question for you that isn't answered here.
What should I do? Give me a ring and shoot me an email and I'll get you taken care of ASAP.