Chatom, Alabama


a little about me

Hey, ya'll!

I'm your friendly neighborhood photographer and the proud founder of Nia Phillips Photography! 

You may have seen me rolling around in your local park trying to capture a worm's eye view of a gorgeous, lovey-dovey couple. Or maybe you saw me making weird and silly faces at adorable children trying to get them to laugh for their portraits while mom and dad looked at each other thinking, "Who's this crazy person?" Or maybe you caught me in the middle of awkwardly showing teenagers how to pose for their Senior portraits. by pretending that I'm a contestant on America's Next Top Model. 
 Seriously, high schoolers are so stylish these days! When I was a teen, I was rocking Tripp pants and baggy clothes! 

Anywho, if you haven't seen me do any of those things, perhaps now is your chance. All you have to do is book me as your photographer for your upcoming portrait needs and my wacko personality is all yours (for at least one solid hour).

Seriously, though. I may play up my kooky personality, but when we're dealing with photography, I mean serious business.

I have been published in magazines, featured in blogs, and have been seen volunteering at charitable causes that I believe in! 

Photography is what I love to do, and I love being able to bring smiles to one's face when they view my work. 

So if you're looking for someone silly but respectful and open-minded to people of all walks of life? 
Contact me! 

I'd love to chat with you! 


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